Each time we at WADE complete a speaking or training event or we complete a corporate video project or adventure for our clients, we like to make a positive difference to others somewhere in the world.
Right now our micro-giving impacts total:
SELECTION We choose our charities based on an alignment with the nature of the event or some similarity to a feature of the organisation for whom we completed the work. We look for causes that align with our values, and that have some connection or alignment in some way with the event or project that we were blessed to receive.

For example, we conducted a number of leadership training programs for leaders and managers for a leading value fashion company. Some of their clothes are made in Bangladesh.

machines that allowed 90 weeks of access to this income-producing tool. That’s 630 days of access to a tool that can really make a difference for these women in Bangladesh! And perhaps one day some of these women might even be making clothes for this client! Who knows? Life is full of possibilities when we motivate positive change.

So when our clients engage us, they end up making a much greater difference for every person at our events and every corporate video created, and every adventure joined. Find out more about what we can do for you here: wade.com.sg   Or start your own giving on  B1G1.
One of the charities we found on B1G1 is called Every Home Global Concern. They have a program in slums in Bangladesh that helps women buy their own treadle sewing machine (since the electricity supply can be unreliable). The charity has a community development program that centres around primary school education for the children from the slums. Through them we were able to help provide sewing machines for the  women, many of whom are the mothers of the school children. Now those women can start a home business and start to make a positive change in their lives.

Back in Singapore Tim Wade conducted a series of 3 business leadership workshops with 30 participants in each session. Although it was the same 30 participants in each workshop, we chose to give 90 times. This giving helped provide sewing
B1G1 - Business For Good
One of the ways we do this is through our friends at B1G1. With B1G1 we can be positive that 100% of our giving goes directly to our selected charities. B1G1 provide us with tools and resources (some are on this site) as well as the behind the scenes work of ensuring these registered charities are legitimate, well-governed and well-managed so that our giving has the best chance of making the greatest impact, no matter how big or small the gift. Plus each member of our team can get involved with the giving too. Check out some of their links on this page if you wish. To find out about joining B1G1, click here. We get nothing if you choose to join them. Because this is not about getting.
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Scotland-based entrepreneur Alisoun Mackenzie (she's awesome) interviews Tim Wade about business and giving.
​​​​​​​In the first 5 minutes you'll get a bit of background about Tim and how he DIDN'T start his business with giving in mind, and the subsequent evolution of his thinking. It's an awesome interview.
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